Anthony Dallmann-Jones PhD


Anthony Dallmann-Jones PhD

Anthony Dallmann-Jones PhD

Dr. Anthony Dallmann-Jones is the originator, editor and author of the January Education Model’s book, FIXING PUBLIC EDUCATION. Dr. Dallmann-Jones has published 12 books and was a contributor and editor of the 2010 Educating for Human Greatness book with Lynn Stoddard. He was author of SHADOW CHILDREN ~ Understanding Education’s Number One Issue, Handbook of Effective Teaching and Assessment Strategies, The Expert Educator, and Strategies for Teaching. He has 40 years of experience as teacher, professor and school administrator, and consulted and advised schools from California to New England and Canada to Key West, and been a keynote speaker in many of these United States, as well as internationally, Moscow and Singapore being the latest. Dr. Dallmann-Jones was the founder and Director of the National At-Risk Education Network, an organization with over 40,000 educators in its scope of influence. He stepped down in order to complete this book, developing the edge of the new wave of public education in the learner-centered January Education Model. Dr. Dallmann-Jones specializes in differentiated instruction, and has been a professor at Marian University in Wisconsin since 1989. He travels extensively, is the blogger on progressive education, art and the creative and critical-thinking self, known as, based on his radio show in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin for over five years. He has advised the Disney Corporation on education, Junior Achievement and several state departments of education, and numerous school districts on how to reach and teach ALL students. Dr. Anthony Dallmann-Jones Faculty and District Development Areas of Expertise Advising and Speaking

  • Implementing the January Education Model Inside the School and at The State and National Level
  • The January Education Model: Regaining America’s Edge
  • Learner-Centered Education is the Future of Progress
  • Standards? What Standards? Oh, THOSE Standards! No Worries No Longer.
  • Imagine a January School!

Local and State Consulting

  • The Courageous School
  • Bringing out the best: How do you educate for greatness?
  • The JEM Model for Today’s Schools
  • Teaching with Interest Centers and Discovery
  • Experiential Learning the JEM Way
  • Motivating Children to Learn (and Staff to Teach)
  • Creating Angel-Warrior Educators
  • School Environments Better than Home

If you are interested in having Dr. Dallmann-Jones to come work with your school or state or present at your conference or convention please fill out the form to the right and mention Dr. Anthony Dallmann-Jones in the text. Or call 920-251-2052 between 9AM-5PM CST Fees are stadard across all JEM consultants and advisors. A per diem will be attached to your invoice. Without a purchase order there will be a reservation fee required. Travel days exceeding two in number will be billed out at a reasonable rate.

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