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Fixing Public Education

Fixing Public Education

Fixing Public Education – Paperback – $24.95 

Anthony S. Dallmann-Jones PhD, Editor – and nine extraordinary educational revolutionaries…

Published by Pepper Tree Publishing

230 pp.  ISBN: 978-1-61493-272-7


To be perfectly straightforward, all ten authors in this book, in their combined hundreds of years of experience in the American public school system, are convinced it is not going to work much longer—no matter how polite (or threatening) corporate America, politicians and ed-reformers may request, demand, or intimidate. Some of those who are appealing to “ramp up” education are genuinely concerned. Others feel righteous in bullying the playground’s defenseless kid: our educators. Realistically, it is not possible to change education to “catch up” with Finland, or Hong Kong or whoever you wish to compare our children with–nor do we need to catch up with anyone. That paranoia is a deliberate red herring by education re-formers, uninformed and ignorant politicians, and greedy corporate enterprises who have no compunction in seeing our children as little ATM machines. There are much better solutions than those proposed – which increase the stress and burden on an already over-burdened system – and one reason this book, Fixing Public Education, came into being. It started three years ago and has become a reality. It will be heralded. And criticized. And questioned. But it WILL start discussions in the right directions…and that is a lot.

We hope a few courageous communities will see the wisdom of this exciting, healthy, non-threatening way of educating and be willing to implement the January Education Model to show the world how learning can be enjoyable for everyone and will accelerate our Public school system beyond what we thought possible – And manifest America’s Edge that so many seem to worry about..

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Shadow Children – DesTech Publishing – ISBN: 978-0-9787610-3-5 – 220 pp.

Shadow Children Book Cover This book is an indispensable aid for teachers, parents, social workers, youth workers, school administrators, board members, and any and all educational stakeholders. If you wonder what needs to be done to truly Leave No Child Behind, this book is for you. If you want to build a functional classroom or family, this book is for you. If you wonder why schools have had difficulty in reaching at-risk   kids, this book is for you. If you want to understand your own family, this book is for you. If you want to understand at-risk children and gain insight into their issues, this book is especially for you.
What you will find in this book:
•    Who Shadow Children are in the United States
•    How Shadow Children are created
•    The 8 characteristics of Shadow Children
•    How the 8 characteristics manifest in the school environment
•    What at-risk means and how schools play a part
•    The price tag for ignoring the at-risk problem
•    A clarification of the field called “At-Risk Education”
•    The NAREN Nine Standards of a quality at-risk education program
•    Characteristics of effective prevention and intervention programs
•    Actual cost figures of dropping out of education at different grade levels
•    A clear nomenclature of abuse and neglect
•    How Triangulation creates strangulation in the educational environment

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Educating for Human Greatness

Education Cover.indd  by Lynn Stoddard, with Anthony S. Dallmann-Jones and Other Extraordinary Educators

    Peppertree Press
    ISBN 978-1936051830
   Paperback, 212 pp.

The book that will help guide your children, students, faculty, school, and your community to HUMAN GREATNESS!

    Why settle for less?

The purpose of this book is to introduce a different, progressive paradigm of public and private education called Educating for Human Greatness. It serves as an “owner’s manual” with principles, ideas and           a framework for developing a higher level of teaching, thinking and learning in each community. It is a guide for parents and teachers to use in drawing forth the unique GREATNESS that lies within                       themselves and each amazing child.




•    The Unique and Breakthrough concept of PHD — Positive Human Diversity
•    The Six Pivotal Principles
•    The Seven Dimensions of Greatness
•    Worksheets and Guidelines Inside!

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