Teachers with guts…

This is the kind of news we need to go viral…so other districts’ teachers can see what Can Be Done!
Please click on this link and read this story about courage in educating our kids…

Teachers with Guts

Many teachers feel like Kathleen. I teach teachers working on their Master’s degrees and NOT ONE has anything positive to say about CC Testing!

It would be so wonderful to see Pearson put out of the testing business, rolling up huge profits from the children as if they were ATMs and offering them NOTHING back that is useful for their growth. This is all about “accountability”* – basically making teaching and learning a numbers game, i.e. just like a profit and loss business. Education is soooo much more — and Kathleen Jeskey just became one of my heroes. Teachers and wise educational administrators in collaboration with parents should be making decisions about what is best for our children, not for-profit commercial giants or federal mandates.

Tony Dallmann-Jones

*Accountability: My Definition – Boiling the measure of education – students, teachers, schools, administrators – down to one set of meaningless and questionable numbers – convenient for making very poor decisions about children’s educational welfare and professional careers.


Anthony Dallmann-Jones

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